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A Model for Electromagnetic Ring Expansion Experiment and Its Application to Material Characterization

PON, Wen-Fu

The Ohio State University, 1997

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  • Titre:
    A Model for Electromagnetic Ring Expansion Experiment and Its Application to Material Characterization
  • Auteur: PON, Wen-Fu
  • Description: Mines : The axisymmetric expansion of a thin ring using electromagnetic force provides a technique to obtain mechanical properties of materials at high strain rates, with many advantages over other high-strain-rate characterization techniques. The research of this dissertation improves the mathematical modeling of the ring expansion experiment. The model for the ring expansion experiment produced in this dissertation is a coupled system of mathematical equations, implemented in a computer code, which relates the properties of the specimen ring, solenoid, and electric circuit, and experiment conditions to the deformation of the ring. The modeling starts with the introduction of Maxwell's equations for rigid stationary continua. The Maxwell's equations for moving deformable continua with boundary conditions in the spatial form and in the referential form are then developed. The model of the high velocity electromagnetic ring expansion experiment includes the mass conservation equation, the momentum equation and the energy equation for the ring in the spatial form and the referential form. A toroidal coordinate system is introduced and the differential operators in this system are derived and applied to obtain the toroidal component forms of the 3-D momentum and incompressibility equations. The 3-D initial value/boundary value problem for the expanding ring system is reduced to a tractable 1-D model by integrating the 3-D field equations over the ring cross section and exploiting slenderness. The model is employed first in its forward formulation, in which the ring deformation is deduced from known material program and experimental conditions, and then in its inverse formulation for material characterization.
  • Éditeur: The Ohio State University
  • Date de publication: 1997
  • Format: 1 vol. (158 p.) ; 30 cm
  • Source: Mines ParisTech (catalogue)

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