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The book of the steel

Sanz, Germain ; Béranger, Gérard (19..-....) ; Henry, Guy (1927-....) ; Lacombe, Paul (1911-1997)

Paris Londres New York Andover : Tec & Doc Intercept, 1995

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  • Titre:
    The book of the steel
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Sanz, Germain;
    Béranger, Gérard (19..-....);
    Henry, Guy (1927-....);
    Lacombe, Paul (1911-1997)
  • Sujets: Industrie sidérurgique;
    Traitement surface;
    Propriété mécanique;
    Diagramme phase;
    Diagramme équilibre;
    Analyse surface
  • Description: Mines : Contents : General aspects of steel. The history of carbon steels. Functional properties and choice of materials. The uses of steel. Recycling and environmental balances. Crystallography, microstructure, equilibrium diagrams. Crystallography. Phase transformations and microstructures. Deformation of single crystals and polycrystals. Functional properties. Hardness. Tensile properties. Fracture toughness. Fatigue resistance. Creep strengh. Corrosion. Oxidation. Resistance of low alloy steels to H2S corrosion: mechanisms and controlling factors, grades for sour gas service. Stress corrosion cracking of carbon steels. Corrosion-fatigue. The tribology of sheet metal forming. The physical properties of iron. Surfaces. What is a surface? Surface analysis and characterization techniques. Surface reactions of steels during heat treatment. Intrinsic and functional properties of surfaces. Surface treatments and coatings. Pickling. Temporary protection. Hot dip metallizing. Electroplating. Vacuum coating techniques. Conversion coatings. Organic coatings. Process engineering. Secondary processing. General aspects of the secondary processing of steels. Rapid cutting processes. Drawing. Sheet forming for packaging applications. Contour forming. Spinning and flowturning. Welding. Adhesive bonding. Other joining techniques. Chemical coatings and surface treatments. Phosphating and painting. Varnishing and printing of packaging steels. The major families of plain carbon sheet steels. Structural steels. Steels for drawing and cold forming. Steels for small gauge welded tubes. Pressure vessels steels. Enamelling steels. Coated steels. Packaging steels. Steel products for the building trade. Steels for magnetic applications. Sandwich materials. Standardization. The manufacture of plain carbon sheet steels. General aspects of steel making. Iron production. Melting and refining of steel. Casting and solidification. Reheating and hot rolling. Cold rolling and annealing. Coatings. Measurement and inspection. Emerging developments. Raw materials in the steel industry. By way of conclusion. The age of time
  • Éditeur: Paris Londres New York Andover : Tec & Doc Intercept
  • Date de publication: 1995
  • Format: XXVII-1390 p. : ill., cartes ; 25 cm
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 2-7430-0022-8 ;ISBN 1-898298-38-6
  • Source: Mines ParisTech (catalogue)

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