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Biomechanics : Motion, Flow, Stress and Growth

New York : Springer-Verlag, 1990

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  • Titre:
    Biomechanics : Motion, Flow, Stress and Growth
  • Sujets: Biomécanique;
  • Description: Mines : Contents : Preface - Motion - Segmental Motion and Vibrations - External Flow : Fluid Dynamic Forces Acting on Moving Bodies - Flying and Swimming - Blood Flow in Heart, Lung, Arteries and Veins - Micro- and Macrocirculation - Respiratory Gas Flow - Basic Transport Equations According to Thermodynamics, Molecular Diffusion, Mechanisms in Membranes and Multiphasic Structure - Mass Transport in Capillaries, Tissues, Interstitial Space, Lymphatics, Indicator Dilution Method, and Peristalsis - Description of Internal Deformation and Forces - Stress, Strain, and Stability of Organs - Strength, Trauma and Tolerance - Biochemical Aspects of Growth and Tissue Engineering
  • Éditeur: New York : Springer-Verlag
  • Date de publication: 1990
  • Format: xv, 569 p ; 24 cm
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 3-540-97124-6
  • Source: Mines ParisTech (catalogue)

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