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Arctic ambitions : Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage

Barnett, James K.. Éd. ; Nicandri, David L.. Éd. ; Inglis, Robin. Préf.

Anchorage : Anchorage museum ; Cook inlet historical sociey ; Tacoma : Washington state history museum ; Seattle : University of Washington press, 2015


  • Titre:
    Arctic ambitions : Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Barnett, James K.. Éd.;
    Nicandri, David L.. Éd.;
    Inglis, Robin. Préf.
  • Sujets: Histoire ; Exploration ; Navigation ; Arctique ; Amérique du Nord ; Alaska ; Russie ; COOK
  • Description: Foreword / Decker, Julie -- Preface / Inglis, Robin -- Prologue. Three comments on Cook's third voyage / Thomas, Nicholas -- James Cook, navigator and explorer: the Pacific experience, 1768-1776 / Gascoigne, John -- James Cook and the Northwest passage: approaching the third Voyage / Williams, Glyn -- Setting the stage: Spain in the Pacific and the Northern voyages of the 1770s / Engstrand, Iris -- From Russia with charts: Cook and the Russians in the North Pacific / Anichtchenko,Evguenia -- James Cook and the new navigation / Dunn, Richard -- A new look at Cook: reflections on sand, ice, and his diligent voyage to the Arctic Ocean / Nicandri, David L. -- Encounters: view of the Indigenous people of Nootka sound from the Cook expedition records / Inglis, Richard -- The Cook expedition and Russian colonialism in Southern Alaska / Crowell,Aron L. -- Gifting, trading, selling, buying: following Northwest Coast treasures acquired on Cook's third voyage to collections around the world / Kaeppler, Adrienne L. -- The international law of discovery: acts of possession on the Northwest Coast of North America / Miller, Robert J. -- Cook on the coasts of the North Pacific and Arctic America: the cartographic achievement / Robson, John -- Narrating an Alaskan cruise: Cook's journal (1778) and Douglas's edition of "A voyage to the Pacific ocean" (1784) / MacLaren, I. S. -- The end of the Northern mystery: George Vancouver's survey of the Northwest Coast / Barnett, James K. -- From discoveries to sovereignties: the imperial scramble for Northwestern North America / Gough, Barry -- The Continuing quest: the lure of the Northwest passage in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries / Delgado, James P. -- Sea ice in the Western portal of the Northwest passage from 1778 to the Twenty-First Century / Stern, Harry -- Marine navigation in the Arctic ocean and the Northwest passage / Brigham, Lawson W. -- The Arctic in focus: national interests and international cooperation / Bucher, Gudrun and Inglis, Robin.
  • Éditeur: Anchorage : Anchorage museum ; Cook inlet historical sociey ; Tacoma : Washington state history museum ; Seattle : University of Washington press
  • Date de publication: 2015
  • Format: xvii-429 p. ; nombreuses ill. ; 22 x 27 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9780295993997
  • Notes: Bibliogr. p. 393-396. Index.
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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