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An Alaska anthology : interpreting the past

Haycox, Stephen W.. Éd. ; Mangusso, Mary Childers. Éd.

Seattle : University of Washington press, 1996


  • Titre:
    An Alaska anthology : interpreting the past
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Haycox, Stephen W.. Éd.;
    Mangusso, Mary Childers. Éd.
  • Sujets: Histoire ; Amérique du Nord ; Alaska
  • Description: Alaska history: an outline -- Finding America / Fisher, Raymond H. -- Russian dependence on the natives of Alaska / Gibson, James R. -- Ivan Pan'kov: architect of Aleut literacy/ Black, Lydia T. -- Astor and Baranov: partners in Empire / Ronda, James P. -- Two missions to Alaska / Dauenhauer, Richard L. E.-- The sale of Alaska in the context of Russian American relations in the Nineteenth Century / Bolkhovitinov, Nikolai N. -- American public opinion and the purchase of Russian America / Welch, Jr., Richard -- "Hemmed in": reactions in British Columbia to the purchase of Russian America / Neunherz, Richard E. -- The early ministry of S. Hall young, 1878-1888 / Hinckley, Ted C. -- Female native teachers in Southeast Alaska: Sarah Dickinson, Tillie Paul, and Frances Willard / Wyatt, Victoria -- Chief Sesui and Lieutenant Herron: a story of who controls the Bacon / Schneider, William -- Controlling the periphery: the territorial administration of the Yukon-Alaska, 1867-1959 / Coates, Ken -- Gold rushers North: a census study of the Yukon and Alaska gold rushes, 1896-1900 / Ducker, James H. -- Sourdough radicalism: labor and socialism in Alaska, 1905-1920 / Sullivan, Joseph -- The Pacific salmon fisheries: a study of irrational conservation / Crutchfield, James A. and Pontecorvo, Giulio -- Anthony J. Dimond and the politics of integrity / Mangusso, Mary Childers -- The New Deal and Alaskan Natives, 1936-1945 / Philp, Kenneth R. -- Governor Ernest Gruening's struggle for territorial status: personal or political ? / Naske, Claus-M. -- The realities of strategic planning: the decision to build the Alaska highway / Bezeau, M. V. -- Jim Crow in Alaska: the passage of the Alaska equal rights Act of 1945 / Cole, Terrence M. -- Economic development and Indian land rights in modern Alaska: the 1947 Tongass Timber Act / Haycox, Stephen W. -- The governor who opposed statehood: the legacy of Jay Hammond / Whitehead, John -- Project Chariot: Alaskan roots of environmentalism / Coates, Peter -- Corruption: Alaska size / Strohmeyer, John -- The end of wilderness /Sherwood, Morgan
  • Éditeur: Seattle : University of Washington press
  • Date de publication: 1996
  • Format: xxx-447 p. ; 24 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9780295974958
  • Notes: Réf. dissém.
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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