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Ethnicity in ancient Amazonia : reconstructing past identities from archaeology, linguistics, and ethnohistory

Hornborg, Alf. Éd. ; Hill, Jonathan David. Éd.

Boulder : University Press of Colorado, 2011


  • Titre:
    Ethnicity in ancient Amazonia : reconstructing past identities from archaeology, linguistics, and ethnohistory
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Hornborg, Alf. Éd.;
    Hill, Jonathan David. Éd.
  • Sujets: Ethnologie ; Ethnicité ; Archéologie ; Linguistique ; Ethnohistoire ; Amérique du Sud ; Amazonie
  • Description: Introduction. Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia / Alf Hornborg and Jonathan D. Hill -- Archaeological cultures and past identities in the pre-colonial Central Amazon / Eduardo Góes Neves -- Deep history, cultural identities, and ethnogenesis in the Southern Amazon / Michael Heckenberger -- Deep time, big space. An archaeologist skirts the topic at hand / Warren DeBoer -- Generic pots and generic Indians. The archeology of ethnogenesis in the Middle Orinoco / Kay Tarble de Scaramelli and Franz Scaramelli -- An attempt to understand Panoan ethnogenesis in relation to long-term patterns and transformations of regional interaction in Western Amazonia / Alf Hornborg and Love Ericksen -- Amazonian ritual communication in relation to multilingual social networks / Ellen B. Basso -- The spread of the Arawakan languages. A view from structural phylogenetics / Swintha Danielsen, Michael Dunn, and Pieter Muysken -- Comparative Arawak linguistics. Notes on reconstruction, diffusion, and Amazonian prehistory / Sidney da Silva Facundes and Ana Paula B. Brandão -- Linguistic diversity zones and cartographic modeling. GIS as a method for understanding the prehistory of Lowland South America / Östen Dahl, J. Christopher Gillam, David G. Anderson, José Iriarte and Silvia M. Copé -- Nested identities in the Southern Guyana-Surinam corner / Eithne B. Carlin -- Change, contact and ethnogenesis in Northern Quechua. Structural phylogenetic approaches to clause-embedding predicates / Pieter Muysken -- Sacred landscapes as environmental histories in Lowland South America / Jonathan D. Hill -- Constancy in continuity ? Native oral history, iconography, and earthworks on the Upper Purús River / Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen -- Ethnogenesis at the interface of the Andes and the Amazon. Reexamining ethnicity in the Piedmont region of Apolobamba, Bolivia / Meredith Dudley -- Ethnogenesis and interculturality in the "Forest of Canelos". The wild and the tame revisited / Norman E. Whitten Jr. -- Captive identities, or the genesis of subordinate quasi-ethnic collectivities in the American tropics / Fernando Santos-Granero -- Afterword. Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia / Neil L. Whitehead
  • Éditeur: Boulder : University Press of Colorado
  • Date de publication: 2011
  • Format: xviii-380 p. : ill. ; 24 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9781607320944
  • Notes: Réf. Dissém. ; Index.
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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