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Anthropological approaches to zooarchaeology : complexity, colonialism, and animal transformations

Campana, Douglas V. Éd. ; Crabtree, Pam J.. Éd. ; France, Susan D. de. Éd. ; [et al.]

Oxford ; Oakville, CT : Oxbow Books, 2010


  • Titre:
    Anthropological approaches to zooarchaeology : complexity, colonialism, and animal transformations
  • Auteur: Campana, Douglas V. Éd.
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Crabtree, Pam J.. Éd.;
    France, Susan D. de. Éd.;
    [et al.]
  • Sujets: Archéologie ; Zoologie ; Animal ; Colonialisme
  • Description: Animals and complexity. How zooarchaeologists contribute to the study of complex society in the new and old world / Justin Lev-Tov, Susan D. de France -- A bird's eye view of the ritual at the Cahokia site / Lucretia S. Kelly -- The organization of animal production in an early urban center. The zooarchaeological evidence from early bronze age Titriş Höyük, Southeastern Turkey / Adam Allentuck, Haskel J. Greenfield -- Animal-derived artefacts at two Pre-Columbian sites in the ancient savannas of Central Panama. An update on their relevance to studies of social hierarchy and cultural attitudes towards animals / Richard Cooke, Máximo Jiménez -- Body parts, placements and people in an iron age town in Bulgaria / Sue Stallibrass -- Status and diet at the workers' town, Giza, Egypt / Richard Redding -- Chiefly fare, or Who's feeding the Cacique? Equality in animal use at the Tibes ceremonial center, Puerto Rico / Susan D. de France -- A plebeian perspective on empire economies: faunal remains from Tel Miqne-Ekron, Israel / Justin Lev-Tov -- Living on the frontier: "Scythian" and "Celtic" animal exploitation in iron age northeastern Hungary / László Bartosiewicz, Erika Gál -- Archaeozoology and colonialism: an introduction / Douglas V. Campana -- Craving for hunger: a zooarchaeological study at the edge of the Spanish empire / Mariana E. De Nigris, Paula S. Palombo, Maria X. Senatore -- Zooarchaeology in the Spanish borderlands of the American Southwest. Challenges and Opportunities / Diane Pavao-Zuckerman -- The adoption and use of domestic animals at Zuni / Carmen Tarcan, Jonathan Driver -- "Romanizing" ancient Carthage. Evidence from zooarchaeological remains / Michael MacKinnon -- Animal keeping and Roman colonization in the province of Panona Inferior, Western Hungary / Kyra Lyublyanovics -- Zooarchaeology and colonialism in Roman Britain. Evidence from Icklingham / Pam J. Crabtree -- The bone is the beast. Animal amulets and ornaments in power and magic / Alice Choyke -- Skeletal manipulations of dogs at the bronze age site of Százhalombatta-Földvár in Hungary / Maria Vretemark, Sabine Sten -- Bovid skulls in southeastern European neolithic dwellings. The case of the subterranean circular room at Promachon-Topolniča in the Strymon Valley, Greece / Katerina Trantalidou -- Symbolism of sharks for fisher-gatherer groups from the Sao Paulo coast, Brazil / Manoel M. B. Gonzalez -- Tupilak transformations. Traditional ivory objects as modern souvenirs / Bonnie C. Yates, Margaret E. Sims -- The birds and animals in ancient Armenian art / Ninna Aguilera -- Pets in pots. Supersticious belief in a medieval christian (12th-14th century) village in Hungary / Márta Daróczi-Szabó -- "Left" is "Right". The symbolism behind side choice among ancient animal sacrifices / Michael McKinnon -- The composition and interpretation of associated bone groups from Wessex / James Morris -- Making themselves at home. The archaeology of commensal vertebrates / Terry O'Connor.
  • Éditeur: Oxford ; Oakville, CT : Oxbow Books
  • Date de publication: 2010
  • Format: xii-274 p. : ill. ; 31 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9781842173909
  • Notes: Réf. dissém.
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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