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Burst of breath : indigenous ritual wind instruments in lowland South America

Hill, Jonathan David. Éd. ; Chaumeil, Jean-Pierre. Éd.

Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2011


  • Titre:
    Burst of breath : indigenous ritual wind instruments in lowland South America
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Hill, Jonathan David. Éd.;
    Chaumeil, Jean-Pierre. Éd.
  • Sujets: Ethnologie ; Ethnomusicologie ; Instrument de musique ; Musique ; Amérique du Sud ; Amazonie ; Flûte ; Trompette ; Souffle ; Rituel ; Sacré ; Cosmologie ; Mythologie ; Secret ; Relations homme-animal ; Relations humain-non humain ; Danse ; Chant ; Chamanisme ; Genre ; Performance ; Communication ; Relations vivant-mort
  • Description: Speaking tubes. The sonorous language of Yagua flutes / Jean-Pierre Chaumeil -- Leonardo, the flute. On the sexual life of sacred flutes among the Xinguano Indians / Rafael José de Menezes Bastos -- Soundscaping the world. The cultural poetics of power and meaning in Wakuénai flute music / Jonathan Hill -- Hearing without seeing. Sacred flutes as the medium for an avowed secret in Curripaco masculine ritual / Nicolas Journet -- Flutes in the "warime". Musical voices in the Piaroa world / Alexander Mansutti Rodríguez -- Desire in music. Soul-speaking and the power of secrecy / Marcelo Fiorini -- Archetypal agents of affinity. "Sacred" musical instruments in the Guianas ? / Marc Brightman -- From flutes to boom boxes. Musical symbolism and change among the Waiwai of Southern Guyana / Stephanie W. Alemán -- From musical poetics to deep language. The ritual of the Wauja sacred flutes / Acácio Tadeu de Camargo Piedade -- The ritual of Iamurikuma and the Kawoká flutes / Maria Ignez Cruz Mello -- Spirits, ritual staging, and the transformative power of music in the Upper Xingu region / Ulrike Prinz -- An "Inca" instrument at a "Nawa" feast. Marubo flutes and alterity in Amazonian context / Javier Ruedas -- Arawakan flute cults of Lowland South America. The domestication of predation and the production of agentivity / Robin Wright -- Sacred musical instruments in museums. Are they sacred ? / Claudia Augustat -- Mystery instruments / Jean-Michel Beaudet
  • Éditeur: Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press
  • Date de publication: 2011
  • Format: 433 p. : ill. ; 23 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9780803220928
  • Notes: Réf. Dissém. ; Index
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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