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The economics of religion : anthropological approaches

Obadia, Lionel. Éd. ; Wood, Donald C.. Éd.

Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing, 2011


  • Titre:
    The economics of religion : anthropological approaches
  • Autre(s) auteur(s): Obadia, Lionel. Éd.;
    Wood, Donald C.. Éd.
  • Sujets: Ethnologie ; Religion ; Économie ; Consommation ; Economie de marché ; Globalisation ; Sacrifice ; Don ; Contre don ; Confiance ; Foi ; Rite ; Pratique religieuse ; Communauté religieuse ; Charité ; Pentecôtisme ; Sorcellerie
  • Description: Economics and religion, economics in religion, economics of religion. Reopening the grounds for anthropology ? / Lionel Obadia and Donal C. Wood -- Trust, faith and calculativeness. A theoretical extension of O. Williamson's "institutional trust" / Peter Seele -- Prosperity unbound ? Debating the "sacrificial economy" / Simon Coleman -- A catholic alternative to globalization ? The compagnia delle opere as a mediator between small and medium enterprises and catholic social teaching / Riccardo Nanini -- The economy of the host in the monastic world. A non-economic economy / Isabelle Jonveaux -- Is Buddhism like a hamburger ? Buddhism and the market economy in a globalized world / Lionel Obadia -- Spiritual capital. On the materiality and immateriality of blessings in Puerto Rican brujería / Raquel Romberg -- Promising and engaging the future through ritual sponsorships in eastern Yucatan, Mexico / Andrés Dapuez, Andrés Dzib May and Sabrina Gavigan -- God unlimited. Economic transformations of contemporary nigerian pentecostalism / Asonzeh Ukah -- Multi-level marketing. At the crossroads of economy and religion / Nathalie Luca -- Economic, religious, and social practice of giving. A microanalysis of donating in the kingdom of Tonga / Natsuko Higa -- Are religious individuals more generous, trusting and cooperative ? An experimental test of the effect of religion on prosociality / Brian Paciotti, Peter Richerson, Billy Baum, Mark Lubell, Tim Waring, Richard McElreath, Charles Efferson and Ed Edsten -- Charitable christians, punitive neighbors. Religiosity and economic norms in a water-scarce environment / Benjamin Jewell and Amber Wutich
  • Éditeur: Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing
  • Date de publication: 2011
  • Format: xxxvii-337 p. ; 24 cm..
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Identifiant: ISBN 9781780522289
  • Notes: Réf. Dissém.
  • Source: Collège de France (catalogue)

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